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The Capybaras

By Alfredo Soderguit
Ediciones Ekare, 2020

«Featuring a cast of adorable, expressive animals, this is a simple but multilayered tale of overcoming prejudice, learning to question the status quo, and creating community» —PUBLISHER’S WEEKLY.

Every day is the same, there’s plenty of food, everyone knows their place. That is, until the capybaras arrive. They are many, they are big, they are different, they are here. When these foreign animals arrive, there’s no doubt. No. There is NO place for them.

Download the info sheet to for more details and look inside the book by following this link.

Frizzy Fran and the Giant Watermelon

By Bodor Panna and Fodor Anikó
Pagony Publishing, 2024

The second title in the Frizzy Fran series, this is a book about what makes the summer vacation so magical. Yes, being together. Vacation is finally here, head to grandma and grandpa’s cottage on the waterfront! Of course, Frizzy Fran will do all these: waking up at the crack of dawn, eating watermelon with her mouth full, picking flowers on the dam, splashing in the river, and cheering together with the whole family in the snail race. And after the holiday, back at home, she’s looking forward to the summer ahead.

Download the info sheet for more details.

Genius Noses

By Lena Anlauf and Vitali Konstantinov
NorthSouth Books, 2023

This special non-fiction title takes us all around the globe and shows us the curious diversity of nature. The musk weevil, the elephant, the pig or the saiga antelope—they all have wonderful noses. The smart noses in this book teach us a lot about animal habits and habitats.

Lena Anlauf has compiled the most exciting facts and stories from the animal kingdom. Vitali Konstantinov’s colorful illustrations introduce us to the individual animals in vivid portraits with wit and attention to detail.

Find more details on the publisher website or look inside the book.

Jonas and the Sea

By Marlies van der Wel
Rubenstein, 2017

For as long as he can remember, Jonas has had only one wish: to live underwater, like a fish. Everybody tells him people belong on land, not in the water. But Jonas won’t let that stop him: he spends his life building ever more complex machines that allow him to live underwater from the things he finds on the beach. People make fun of him. Finally, when he is 80 years old, a terrible storm hits the shore. All the land floods and people have nowhere to live. But Jonas has been preparing for this moment for his whole life: he lowers his machine in the water and he is finally home.

Jonas and the Sea is a beautiful, evocative picture book about belonging. It touches upon themes like climate change, consumerism, and coming of age, but most of all: staying true to yourself.

Watch the short animated film on which the book is based here and have a look at the book preview on publisher website. For the details about format and contact, consult the info sheet.

Dear Past Me
(You will Pay for This)

By Andrijana Grgičević and Melvin
Ibis grafika, 2024

What starts of as a humorous letter-writing exercise that can be attributed to childlike naïveté, turns through each letter into a processing tool for a child going through a traumatic experience and having no one to turn to, or at least feeling like he has no one to turn to. The author masterfully coincides the two opposing themes—the humour in the writing with the tragedy of events—to create a novel of rare sensibility that can be read and enjoyed by both children and adults.

For more details, consult the info sheet, and have a look at the book preview here.

Home Things

By Elisa Mazzoli and Sara Filiputti
Il leone verde, 2022

The 32 maxi cards hand-drawn by Sara Filiputti and accompanied by rhymed texts by Elisa Mazzoli (Nati Per Leggere prize) are ready to be discovered and played! 

On the front of each card, the image, delicate and realistic, of the object in the house or the room in which it is located, and on the reverse side, short stories, rhymes and nonsense that help to give a name to the objects that present themselves to the eyes and hands of the little explorers of the world.

For more details, consult the info sheet, and view the preview of the book here.

Everybody Travels

By Kristin Roskifte
Magikon, 2023

“Everybody Travels” is a playful and engaging seek-and-find book for curious readers. People move around all the time, but where are they going? Follow people in the book to get a sneak peek into their whereabouts and journey through life. We are all “passengers” on the same planet orbiting through space, so we must be kind to each other and take good care of the environment. Everybody sees the world in their own way, but we can choose to celebrate both our differences and similarities!

This title is a sequel to the multi award winning “Everybody Counts” and it has all the same loveable qualities. “Everybody Counts” is currently translated into 42 editions and has been enthusiastically received by readers and critics all over the world.

You can find the book preview HERE, and the information about the available territories and other details on publisher website.

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