Project partners

The five publishers from the project “Read, Share, Enjoy!” will attend the Zagreb fellowship in 2024. Meet them below!

KUD Sodobnost international

KUD Sodobnost International, project coordinator

KUD Sodobnost International was founded in 2004 and has been publishing children’s books ever since, specialising in picture books and high quality fiction. Many of our books have been nominated for major prizes (for stories and/or illustration and book design), with quite a few actually winning the prizes, including the Most Beautiful Slovenian Book of the Year Awards. We are proud that our children’s programme is recognised for outstanding quality by the Slovenian Centre for Youth Literature.

Zahori Books, project partner

Zahorí is a publishing company from Barcelona (Spain), who started as a book packager in 2007, focused on generating engaging new books and selling co-editions and rights of its titles to the most prestigious publishers worldwide. We specialise in highly illustrated books, our catalogue outlines a number of titles covering a wide range of non-fiction subjects: nature, history, environmental issues, social, animals and scientific matters. We try to give a different perspective and present every subject in an original way.

Zahori Books

Il leone verde, project partner

Il Leone Verde is an Italian independent publisher founded in 1997, which has specialised in texts on parenting/child-welfare (childbirth, breastfeeding, mothering, baby-wearing, co-sleeping and many others) and issues related to growing children, including an important series dedicated to Maria Montessori and her thinking. We also publish hard-cover illustrated books for children and adults, focusing on family bonding, relationship with others, relationship with one’s inner world and high-contact care. Many of these have been translated and published in foreign languages, among which Spanish, Greek, Chinese, Arabic, Hungarian, Polish.

Prozart media, project partner

Publishing house Prozart media is the organizer of the International Literature Festival PRO-ZA Balkan and of the Skopje Fellowship Program. We were the first festival that organized Fellowship program in Southeast Europe, 10 years ago, in 2013. Using this platform, we have hosted dozens of foreign writers and publishers in our capital, Skopje. We also publish a wide range of titles in segments such as fiction, YA and children’s literature. We have translated some high quality titles into Macedonian language such as books by the best writers from the Balkan region – Danilo Kis, Slavenka Drakulic, Miljenko Jergovic, Svetislav Basara… We publish around 20-30 titles per year. The founder and director of all three entities is Macedonian writer and editor, Dejan Trajkoski.    

Ibis grafika, project partner

Ibis grafika is an independent publishing company founded in 1994 in Zagreb, Croatia. Our goal has always been bringing high quality literature to Croatian readers, in the last 10 years we have started introducing more and more translated literature, especially from languages which have not yet been translated into Croatian, or few works have so far been translated. We are best known for our picture book program, for which we have received many awards and recognitions (IBBY Honour list, White Raven’s Catalogue, major national literary awards). In addition to the publishing activity, Ibis is also very active in organising and implementing reading encouragement activities – we organise two literary festivals that focus on children’s and YA literature in two cities, and we work with schools to promote reading.